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Drink Deep

Drink Deep, a Chicagolands Vampire novel, will be coming out on November 1, 2011. I am so looking forward to this release! This is one of my favorite series'. It seems to take forever for the books I like to be released. But I don't have to wait long to get more Merit!!!


I keep trying to change my profile picture. Why is it every time I try to change it I'm told my file is to large? It let me download a picture, but it still wouldn't let me use it as my profile pic. I re-sized it and everything. This really just ticks me off!! Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

UTC & My Reading Habit

Well, I'm really enjoying my first semester at UTC, but I had to drop Chemistry because my professor was BAD! I went to him with some questions I had about nomenclatures and he wouldn't help me figure them out, so I had to withdraw from that class. I will retake it in August with a better professor I hope.

I"m doing pretty good in Biology so far, B average! Spanish I suck at!! Since I've never taken Spanish before, I am so confused! It just sounds like gibberish to me. I know I will have to retake this class, even I do manage to pass. I just don't understand enough to move on to the next level.

I'm still reading my books. I love my books!! They help me escape from and otherwise mundane existence. I still have a box of books to go through, but I am slowly depleting that. I just read to fast!!

I just finished reading "Tempted," a House of Night book. I received it in the mail yesterday, and finished it earlier today. It was a great book! I really didn't like the ending that well because it left you hanging, but it also left you looking forward to the next installment just to see what happens!

I'm fixing to start on a new author. I've read one of her books, but nothing the series I'm fixing to start. They sound really interesting. Talk later!!

What Am I Doing

I am not exactly sure what I am doing on this site. I hate writing, but I love to read. I am in the middle of so many different series's right now, that most people wouldn't be able to keep up. I read way to fast. I go through books so fast, I have to continuously search for new authors to read. It is really hard finding authors that interest me, but I look until I find them. A lot of them haven't been out for very long, or haven't been out in print for very long. I have one series that I've been reading for a couple of years now. It has 17 books in it so far. I'm still not tired of that series.

Sometimes I wish I could just pull back the fabric of space and join the characters in the books. Living in their worlds would be great! To actually see things that I have believed in all my life, that would be awesome. I might be 28 years old, but I am one of those adults that still believe in magic and other things that aren't supposed to exist

Well, I have to chase my little ones off to bed. If you want more of my views, opinions, or my life story, let me know. I'll be happy to share!